London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

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The Power of Control

People often ask me what I enjoy doing the most. When it comes to providing professional domination a mistress faces all kinds of enquiries. The beauty of this work is that everyone is a different individual and it is impossible to generalise. Each and every single person has his/her own preference and fantasies and there is no such a thing as a standard session that suits everyone. I believe in personalising every single session to suit the client's individual needs. Once the submissive is in subspace the dominant gets to enjoy the power exchange and that is my biggest thrill: to feel my power of control over the submissive. As to how I get to that point in the domination session where my power over the submissive is distinctively showing, depends on the type of session and the individual involved.

The power of control has been an ultimate thrill for me for years. When I reach a point in the session when I can distinctively feel that my submissive is ready to do anything at all for me, without hesitation, I often get goosebumps. This is the very reason I choose this profession. I love it and I take real pleasure of dominating.

Mistress Alexandra: London Dominatrix
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