London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

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Nurse Play

Role play scenarios are always fun. I enjoy getting in the role of a very naughty nurse who gets up to no good... I am not a qualified nurse so I only offer medical play as a role play scenario. I am not prepared to inject my clients with anything at all or administering any form or medication. This is not what medical PLAY is all about. It is a light hearted act both parties play and most of the time it is difficult to keep a straight face.

Imagine going to see a doctor and instead of your specialist you get to be seen by a very naughty nurse. This nurse then tricks you into bondage and carries out all sorts of tests on you. Your nurse is dressed in skin tight rubber or PVC and looks sensational. Her smooth voice and gentle touch is making you ache for more. You end up giving yourself into her expert hands, slowly drifting into a different dimension, where time stands still and nothing is important and present but you and her.


London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra
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