London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

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I offer a well-designed hypnosis programme for people wishing to relax and forget about their day-to-day stress.  Hypnosis is a deep, trance-like state that is a very effective tool for modifying behaviour and is also used for healing. It is voluntary and only used for your own benefits. Hypnosis has been used for treating various physical and emotional conditions for hundreds of years. Misconceptions still affect many people in choosing this method of self-help. However, it is scientifically proven that the human brain is capable of healing the human body by simply responding to suggestion when accessing the subconscious mind. Relaxation is essential for the suggestion to be most effective.

The most common form of hypnosis in BDSM is practised in comfortable bondage, preferably in lying position. Body bags and sleep sacks are widely used for this purpose as they allow the submissive to relax in a cosy and safe environment. The imaginary and the suggestion need to be agreed prior to session during the initial consultation in order to stay safe and ethical.

I am not interested in misusing this wonderful tool and hypnotising you to bark like a dog every time I click my finger. Instead, if you wish to have a rewarding, relaxing experience, I am more than happy to assist you to unwind.

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra
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