London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?

  • 30 minutes session: £130
  • 45 minutes session: £150
  • 60 minutes session: £200
  • 90 minutes session: £300
  • 2 hours session: £400
  • 2.5 hours session: £450
  • 3 hours session: £500
  • Overnight: There is no overnight facility so I do not offer overnight sessions.

Do you do telephone domination / email domination/ text domination?

  • No, I don't.

Do you do mixed group sessions?

  • No, I don't.

Do you do half-an-hour bookings?

  • Yes, I do.

Can I have sex with the Mistress?

  • No, and DON'T EVEN DARE to think about it. I do not offer any sexual services.

Can I bring My girlfriend/Wife/Mistress and use the dungeon on our own?

I am a dominant woman and would like to learn domination. Would you train me?

  • Yes. I offer a  tailored training programme for dominant males or females either professional or just wanting to spice up their relationship! The programme includes bondage techniques, use of dungeon equipment such as nipple and genital clamps, cock ties, cock rings, whips, canes, floggers, straps, single tail whips, spreader bars, fundamental through to advanced suspension techniques and many others. Also, I will answer all your BDSM related questions and give you plenty of ideas in safe play.

I would like to become a professional dominatrix and like your name. Can I use it?

  • Absolutely NOT. Mistress Alexandra is a registered trading name and protected by law.

I am a student. Can I have a discount?

  • No. I do not offer any discounts to anyone.

Can I come and serve you as a personal slave?

  • No, I only offer professional services.

Can I clean your dungeon for a quick foot fetish session?

  • No, I am not interested in your cleaning. If you want a session you pay for my services. End of.

What services do you offer?

  • Bondage, torture and domination - only. Norhing else. Take it or leave it.

Do you travel or tour?

  • No, if you wish to see me, you can make your way to me. Not the other way around.



All text, photographs and original images on this site Copyright © All rights reserved. Mistress Alexandra is the registered trading name. Registered in England.