London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

London Dominatrix: Mistress Alexandra

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General Etiquette with Mistress Alexandra

Over the telephone

  • It is often quite unnerving ringing a dominatrix, specially for people who have not sessioned before. The best approach is to be polite and respectful. You do not need to play any games over the telephone by calling me Mistress or Goddess.The first, initial contact is best to be very professional.
  • I am very private and discreet and I do not discuss session details over the telephone.
  • The information I give you over the telephone is perfectly adequate for you to arrange an appointment with me.
  • I do have a confirmation system in place. Once you made an appointment with me, you will be asked to telephone me at an allocated time in order to secure your booking. Once you have confirmed your appointment I will tell you where exactly you need to get to.

Upon arrival

  • I am very discreet and do not give out my address to anyone, for privacy and security reasons. Once you turn up at the tube station or the allocated location I give you over the telephone upon cofirmation, I wiil give you very clear directions over the telephone to walk in.
  • My preferred communication at this time is for you to telephone me. Texting or e-maiing is not acceptable for directions to my venue.
  • When you telephone me from the tube station, please stay discreet and simply say your name and ask for directions. Please do not use my title until you are inside my property.
  • When you turn up please make sure you have everything you need because after arrival you will not be allowed back in if you ask to pop out. This is for security reasons.
  • Please keep your voice down and stay discreet as you walk in. I do not tolerate loud, obnoxious people.
  • When you walk in, you will be greated by me and I will take you straight in to the dungeon to have a full consultation with you. The initial consultation is very important for consent issues and to find out about your preferred session. I will guide you along the consultation and ask you relevant questions to make sure I understand everything about your expectations and fantasy. It is helpful to have a good idea as to what you are looking for and also the activities you do not wish to do in order to make sure your session will suit your personal preferences.
  • After the consultation you will be taken to the bathroom to get ready for the session. You are welcome to have a shower, freshen up for the session and get in the mind set to play. When I enter the dungeon you will be expected to be waiting for me on your knees and this is when the you address me as Mistress. Not outside my property over the telephone.

During session

  • I put a lot of effort into my sessions with my make up, outfits, hair etc. I also put a lot of thoughts into any role plays, or any general scenarios. In return I expect you to be responsive.
  • I expect you to respect that I also have limits and that you must never push me into a situation I do NOT want to be in for your own selfish pleasure. I am sure you would also not want to be mistreated or abused in this way! Show me respect at all times and do not try to "top from the bottom." I do not take demands during the session. You can request whilst we are having the initial consultation.
  • Have fun and enjoy the session. If you feel something is not right then you need to speak up and I solve the issue. There is nothing wrong with asking me to loosen your ropes, or to move you to a different position if you are uncomfortable. You can out if you are not enjoying the session, the atmosphere is not right or it is just not working for you.
  • I am very safe, sane and consensual and use a safe word system for most sessions where it is appropriate. This is to put your mind in rest that if you get too uncomfortable with something you do not need to suffer when it is no longer fun.

After session

  • When we finish you will be taken back to the bathroom to get ready to leave. You are most welcome to have a shower again to make sure you look and feel respectable when you walk out.
  • I will do my best to accomodate your requests in order to make sure you feel great after the session and you will want more as opposed to feeling like it was way too much. Then again, the initial consultation is crutial to acheive that.
  • Be responsible, communicate openly and honestly and often. Giving me feedback is just as important as your initial consultation in order to ensure an enjoyable experience next time.


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