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Hard Limits

I respect everyone's limits and expect you to do the same with me. The folloing services I am not prepared to offer under any circumstances and it is non-negotiable.

I decide who I feel comfortable seeing. This should go without saying. I will ask you over the phone what your interests are and if your interests are different from mine, I will politely ask you to find someone else. In most cases I will be able to recommend someone I know, who fits your enquiry. If your enquiry is about personal services (sex in any shape or form) I will not be able to help you at all and most likely say goodbye and hang up. Do not make a mistake of confusing me with a sex worker. I am not one.

Ps:One understands that this industry is difficult to interpret, however, I do believe in humanity and education. Those of you educated enough to comprehend my approach, will get my point. Hence I am proudly showing my face and give my name to my job as a true professional, who has nothing to hide. Just because nudity is involved (not from my side!!!) that does not mean that my (particular) approach is to be mistaken/misunderstood/ or worse: misjudged by some who knows NOTHING about me or this industry. So, keep an open mind, if you want to read on. If not, feel free to exit now.

No Hardsports or full toilet training.

No messy play. I am more than capable of delivering a fun, interesting, safe and sane session session without throwing food or any other objects at you and making a mess in my dungeon.

No smoking. I do not smoke and my premises is a non-smoking environment. Please make sure you smoke your cigarette outsite before or after the session.

No insect crushing. I am not interested in crushing any crawling creatures under my boots other than you.

No blood sports. That goes without saying. I am not interested in period play or drawing blood. Fantasy and reality is often different. I prefer to stay safe.

No intimate bodyworship. I only offer face sitting fully clothed or with my g-string on.

No personal services. I am NOT an escort and I do NOT engage in any form of sexual contact with my clients, therefore BDSM activities are not to be confused with prostitution. So do not waste your time by asking for it as you will be turned down.

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